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I travel to various events yearly, presenting talks on personal development, business, and brand authority. Speaking on stage is one of my essential platforms for bringing new ideas to inspire change. I also host a TV show that airs on abc15 and interview world-class thought leaders and almost every teacher from the hit movie "The Secret." For me, nothing quite compares to sharing my knowledge and message on stage, sharing an idea to raise human potential.


Letter From Nim


My greatest gift and passion is to connect with people on stage. Since I was seven years old, I have been trained as a professional dancer and have performed for over 30 years in Thailand, South-East Asia, the Middle East, and the United States. Delivering my message on stage is the responsibility I prepare intensely for as a teacher and influencer. Being asked to speak at your event is an honor, and I will do everything I can to deliver, educate, and entertain your audience's needs. My presentation is unique as I speak and use my dance background and culture to move and perform simultaneously. Every talk is curated and customized to each event, theme, and audience. I am here to serve, uplift, and make an impactful change wherever I speak.

- Nim Stant

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