About Go All In Fest

Go All In Fest is an event designed by Nim Stant with the intention and goal of bringing together exceptional people from around the world to connect, grow and learn from each other. These events gather an extraordinary community of change-makers and visionaries driven by new ideas to impact the world – entrepreneurs, experts, artists, leaders, innovators, creatives, and more.

Go All In Media, LLC is an American media organization that distributes educational content under the slogan "Ideas Inspire Change." Our overall mission is to discover new ideas that impact the world in positive and uplifting ways. At Go All In Fest, you will be just as inspired by the person sitting next to you as the person speaking on stage. The best part is – you’re not just attending one event. You’re joining a community of purpose-driven people and entrepreneurs willing to support each other in their journey to make an impact on the world. Once you attend, you'll never feel alone again.

About Nim Stant

When I had the idea of Go All In Fest in 2021, I wasn’t thinking of a change-the-world type of event. I was lonely, busy, and tired. I was working too hard on daily tasks. And I was struggling to find time to connect and make a deeper human connection with others. Go All In Fest, in my mind, was a way to fill those needs.

And then the idea quickly expanded and became something so much greater.

Because when you gather the most passionate people and give them a space and astage to uplift themselves and each other, Positive Change Happens.

Go All In Fest this year has evolved into an event that brings together the most inspiring people internationally – celebrated leaders, athletes, entrepreneurs, and change-makers who are an example of humanity’s limitless potential.

If you’d like to take your life to a whole new level with the support of a global community of the most incredible people you’ll ever meet, then join us.

Nim Stant
Founder of Go All In Fest

Help us reach our "Impact Goals"

Your contribution from sponsoring Go All In Fest will support our annual event for support access to quality of life beyond the classroom. Your contribution will help with hygiene kits for teachers, toothpaste for all students in a school, hand washing stations for the school, books and supplies, lunch, and a playground.

Our Founding Story


It began with a story from when I was a kid in a small village in Thailand. My mom was an elementary school teacher, and once a year, a wealthy family came to our school and donated school backpacks, supplies, school uniforms, and food to the children at the school. I remember waiting for that wealthy family to arrive. It was a warm day, but I wouldn't mind long hours of waiting because I was so excited to get a new backpack and gifts. However, I didn't realize that this event happened in my life to prepare me for the ripple effect of helping other children worldwide get access to a quality of life and education beyond the classroom.

Promise From Above is an ongoing commitment to bring smiles to every child and family we help. We are dreamers, risk-takers, and boundary pushers. We believe that every child deserves a better quality of daily living, education beyond school, and access to a safe and healthy environment.

Nim Stant
Founder of Promise From Above


We invite you to "Go All In Fest 2024," with an exciting annual sponsorship opportunity to market your business. Motivate and IMPACT the community, and invest in a local business helping the community thrive. 



  • Company Presentation on Go All In Stage for 25 minutes
  • 30 minutes Interview airs on abc15
  • Company Logo on Step & Repeat
  • Company Display Table
  • VIP Lunch
  • 4 Tickets to Go All In Fest
  • Professional pictures & videos on stage and the interview
  • Website and Logo placement on our main website and front cover of The Global Thought Leaders Magazine.

GOLD SPONSOR - $ 5,000


  • Company Presentation on Go All In Stage for 15 Minutes
  • Company Logo on Step & Repeat
  • Company Display Table
  • VIP Lunch
  • 2 Tickets to Go All In Fest
  • 2 Gift Bags
  • Company Product Placement in Goody Bags
  • Website and Logo placement on our main website



  • Company Presentation on Go All In Stage for 10 Minutes
  • Company Display Table
  • VIP Lunch 
  • 1 ticket to Go All In Fest
  • 1 Gift Bags 
  • Company Product Placement in Goody Bags
  • Website and Logo placement on our website

Thank you for considering this exciting opportunity. We look forward to collaborating with you to make Go All In Fest 2024 an extraordinary experience for all.