Introducing The Elite Author Online Library

The ultimate online learning library for aspiring and experienced writers alike. With our comprehensive course offerings, you'll be able to take your writing career to the next level and achieve your publishing goals.

Learn About the Secrets of Writing a Successful Book From Start to Finish!


A proven method and step-by-step action plan will help you write, launch, and promote your book effectively without spending the whole year figuring everything out. With this online library, you will learn more about Book Writing, Book Publishing, Book Marketing, and Author Business Acceleration.

The Elite Author Online Library

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  • Learn to outline a book from start to finish: Our expert instructors will teach you the essential steps for creating a solid outline for your book, from generating ideas to structuring your plot and character development.

  • Become an Amazon bestseller: Want to reach the top of the charts on Amazon? Our courses will show you how to craft a book that stands out in a crowded market and give you the marketing strategies you need to succeed.

  • Repurpose your book into a business model: Don't let your book collect dust on the shelf once it's published. Our courses will teach you how to turn your book into a profitable business, whether through creating related products or leveraging your expertise to speak or consult.

  • Learn the secrets of being a New York Times bestseller: The New York Times bestseller list is the ultimate goal for many writers. Our courses will give you insider tips and strategies for making your book a top seller, including how to get the attention of key reviewers and media outlets.