Top Question Most New Non-Fiction Author Face When Writing a Book

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Let’s get into this right away and I’m going to start it with the first question every new author has on their mind.


“How can I write a book when I’m not an expert?” - You can help people, wherever or whenever you are on your journey because it’s your book and it’s your experience. 


But remember that this book is not about you. Yes, it is your story, it is your experience, but this is not about you. 


It is about those people who will read your book and get inspired by what you have done. It is about those people who might have been lost and are trying to read a certain book to get out of their current situation. It is about people who want to have the same thought you wrote in your book.


But again, you don’t have to be right at everything. Don’t be afraid that you might make a mistake just because you’re not an expert in that field you wrote about. Readers don’t look for perfection, they’re looking for someone to who they can relate.


Writing a book will always include your opinion. It might include some scientific notions, health-related articles, or some news that you want to have as a reference for your point but overall, this is all about your own opinion and story that you wanted to relay to your audience. It is best to be authentic and relatable rather than perfecting your writings that can push your readers away. People will love our ugly story. They love seeing mistakes and seeing people fail. Because it fascinates them to see people who stay true to themselves which also touches their hearts.


My next point that I’m going to tackle is that you don’t have to be a great writer to write a great book. There are lots of normal people on the street sharing their passion that has touched so many people’s hearts and this turned out to be a bestseller.


Don’t let that mindset stop you. Who is really an expert anyway? You just need to keep in mind that you’re an expert in your own way. Give yourself permission to share your truth because if you wait for your copywriter, publisher, editor, or whoever is helping you write your book, then you will never be able to finish it. 

So giving yourself permission to write is the best way to get you going. I want you to feel confident and I want you to feel that you got this. Because the more real you are, the more your core message is going to stand out (refer to my blog: Finding Your Core Message For Your Book) and resonate with them.