How to plan your Book with a Business Perspective

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Now that you know what category you want your book to be, let’s dive deeper into the business aspect of your book. A lot of writers start their writing journey because of their passion, but eventually, they get lost. They get lost because they don’t have the GPS in there. After writing their book, they get stuck as they don’t know where to go. I like having things planned out. I carefully map it out to guide me along the way.

Let’s say that you want to earn a living by just writing your book, I highly recommend creating a series. For example, you’re a musician and you want to write about music; what you can do is write a series focusing on different instruments that you know how to play. Or if you want to write Self-Help books, you can break it down into a series tackling different stages of healing. Let’s face it. Books are not expensive, and you need to sell a lot to make a living out of them. So why give it all in one book when you can create many books on a certain topic and generate more income?

Another thing that I would want you to consider is using your book to lead your audience to purchase your physical products, courses, one-on-one service, webinar software, or affiliate products. What you can do is give them at least 48 hours to view the first chapter of your book (make sure it’s impactful!), have them fill up a form providing their email addresses and contact details, and as soon as they hit submit, they will receive the full copy of your book. Yes, you are giving your book for free, but get to build your email list and let them know about your upcoming online courses, your upcoming live event, upcoming speaking engagements, your service, or your affiliate product.

But how about if you would want your book to be your stepping-stone in your speaking career? Of course, I have some tips to help you as well! Have you ever heard of the titles “Best-Selling Author” or “Award-Winning Author”? These titles, are what will help you through your speaking career. As you already know, you’ll have a lot of competitors in terms of public speaking. But during auditions, who do you think the event organizers will pick during the selection? Someone who’s established and awarded with a “Best-Selling Author” title, or someone who just wants to speak on stage? You already know the answer.

What I like to do is create a pyramid to map out my plan. At the bottom, you can target a bigger audience with very low sale potential, but great reach. In there, you can give your free book. Since you have reached a lot of people by giving our free stuff, and you have built your email list. For sure, there will always be people there who will be willing to spend more. Those are the ones you will target in the middle of the pyramid. In there, you can map out your workshop, five-day challenges, content membership sites, or monthly subscriptions. Now, after you have built relations with these people, that is where you can try and guide them to the top of the pyramid. This is where you sell them premium service, at a higher price.

Knowing what you're going to do with your book in terms of business perspective is very important because you can then combine all the techniques that I have shared to create multiple streams of income. Use your book to create an ecosystem for your business.