How to identify the type of your book?

author author tips best selling bestselling author book book writing book writing tips mindset nim stant Feb 14, 2022

All right, everyone! Let’s talk about the business aspect of your book before you even start writing it. Let’s discuss, why is it so important? Because when you invest in something and you know why you invest in it, and why you put your energy into your writing it in the first place, it is just as important to know what your next steps are. What is the type of your book?

Here are a few types I can share with you:

  •           Instructional Books – These can be “How To” books. And to be honest, it can be anything. It can be a “How to lose weight in 30 days?” “How to become a millionaire”, or whatever. The possibilities are endless. This type of book is really helpful for Authors that want to teach or would want to widen their speaking engagement.
  •           Inspirational Books – These can be personal stories or narrative nonfiction. Like Elizabeth Gilbert who wrote the book “Eat, Pray, Love”. She talked about her story, her struggles, and her experiences to inspire her readers.
  •           Evergreen Books – These are the type of books that usually stay relevant no matter how much time passes. Like Tony Robbin’s book, “MONEY: Master the game”. Even I can’t think of a time when money won’t be relevant anymore.


Now you might be thinking, how will you start? Especially there are already a lot of Authors that came before you. This is where your research should start. Do not think of these Authors as a threat, rather, think of them as someone who paved the way. All you have to do is follow their steps. You don’t always need to be the pioneer. You can, but you don’t have to be.

A little exercise that I can share with you is to research the successful Authors of your chosen category. You can search about 5 to 10 Authors, read their books, study how they engage with their audience, look at how they promote their books and where they promote them. This way, you know what’s effective while you add your personal touch to it. And by "personal touch", I mean don’t copy them entirely. You’re still you, and they’re still them. You just want to know their techniques in their business and apply it to promote your content. This way, you can shorten the gap between you and the people you look up to.