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How NOT to Get Lost in the Process of Planning Your Retreat

Jun 16, 2020

Let’s face it. Doing your first retreat can be very overwhelming. 

So. Many. Details. Where to stay, which rooms, who shares, local transportation, food, diet, restrictions, allergies, activities, timetables...and then a million more will pop up as you go. 

Time management will not only be important as you plan, it’s the key to running everything smoothly.

So if you aren’t used to setting a schedule and planning things down to the last detail, this is the time to start. 

Organizing a retreat is hard work.

But having a system for all the details will save you time, energy, and money. It even spares you heartbreak because you are going to want to quit at some point during the year it takes to plan your first retreat

Always start with your Why- it needs to be big enough to get you through the tough times. 

Plan early- set a timeline early on and put everything in it. Plan and schedule everything.

Transport, lodging, itinerary, activities, food, schedule

Shuttle for airport transport -should be a short trip under 2 hrs always communicate with your group so they know what they are signing up for and remind them- have printable schedules so they can see what to expect each day and  where you meet at the airport- when they have free time, etc. Knowing that every detail is taken care of by you- you’ve thought of everything and let them know their responsibilities too let them know that you are the leader and instills confidence in them. Don’t wing it and don’t ever give the impression that you don’t have it all under control. Yes, things can go wrong, and the unexpected will happen (probably more than once) but that doesn't mean that you aren’t prepared. What will you do if someone gets ill? Loses a bag? Forgets their passport on the bus? Having a Plan B and also knowing how to weather unexpected

You have to arrive a couple of days before your group to get everything ready and rest before you welcome your guests

Billing- meals included (most of them) so they don't have to think about what they are going to eat each meal- this is one of the things that they are buying with a retreat- the convenience to not have to worry about these details- where to stay, what to eat and local transport. They don't want to spend hours researching and googling

Be clear about where everyone is staying- with addresses- clients need this information ahead of time. They need to keep their passports in a safe place and

You have to show up as an expert so you need to plan far in advance and hire help- you cant do it all on your own- you are the leader - perhaps you choose to partner with someone you trust (even locally) that is fine- 

Create a team so much more professional than trying to do it all yourself- delegate and get more minds on tasks- brilliant ideas from others will only make your retreat better. 

You can't expect to handle everything on your own

Daily action steps--  follow your plan

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