Finding Your Core Message For Your Book

Feb 04, 2022

Let’s talk more about finding your core message. This is a fun step that you will need to take as you start on creating your very own book. This is a very important step which you shouldn’t skip.


So how can you find it?


Well, it is like the Northern Star that will guide you and help you as you start writing your book from page one until the last chapter. Without it, you’re probably going to get lost, you’re probably going to end up in circles because of the stories that you want to express and share all at once which is kind of overwhelming.

When I started writing “Go All In”, I wasn’t sure of my target audience. I’m not sure if I’m writing it for entrepreneurs, or if I’m just writing it for a general audience who wants to achieve their goals, or should I write or for a person who really wants to improve their life, which is very broad and hard to start with.


So, here’s the part where the core message comes into play. Your core message will be the one to lead you to your main message. You will want to come back every time to that message as you write your book.


Without having a core message, you will not feel confident, you will not feel your book’s worth because your core message is the one that will convey your message to your readers. The same thing will happen when you work with your copywriter, writing coach, or editor. You will get lost and not stay on your track.


First thing that you would like to know is what your book is all about. What is the message that will help your audience learn, understand and achieve what they’re aiming for?


Creating your core message firmly at the beginning before starting your book is vital. When you start writing your chapters using your core message, you will get some “AHA” moments in between and get some clarity. Make sure that you revisit the first chapters as you start writing because that will match the core message that you have instilled in your book. That is why I highly recommend finding that core message within you right from the very start.


Follow these simple questions that will help you on your way to writing your book:

  1. What is your core message for this book? (This will help you not to get lost in writing)
  2. Who is your target audience? (Be specific as much as possible)
  3. What is the importance of your book to the community? (This will help you to create a book that is unique and draw readers more)
  4. How did your book help you along the way?


Your answers to these questions can help you lay the foundation of your book and marketing plan and all of this will work together.


I hope that this will help  you get excited and start your creative work. Work on your core message and write it on a paper or just even save it on your phone! Keep your momentum because I know that you’re going to crush this!