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I'm Nim Stant.


I am an entrepreneur, author, and influencer on a mission to help raise the human experience of living with full potential. I founded Go All In Academy in 2020, intending to bring together global thought leaders and teachers to educate, heal and create support for our community as a whole.

We teach real-life tools within Go All In Academy and help turn the mess into the message that inspires the world through writing and publishing their book and speaking on the professional stage, such as TEDx, from our masterclass to the international live events and retreats.

I recently penned the International Amazon Bestseller and Award-Winning Author with “Go All In,” which challenges you to take laser focus steps to accelerate your success in all areas of life.

I consistently interview the world’s top educators, meeting the extraordinary minds, speaking and filming educational content you can find online. You can hear some of my favorite interviews on the Go All In Zone Podcast.


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Hear what the legendary Brian Tracy, Dr. Joe Vitale, Steve, and Jayne Lowell have to say about Nim Stant and her works...



When I think of " The American Dream ", the first image that comes to my mind is Nim Stant. When I think about going " all in ", the first image that comes to my mind is also Nim Stant. After you read this book and learn from Nim Stant, I'm pretty sure it will be the same for you.

- Chris Winfield, aka "The Super Connector", World-Class PR Expert, Feat. in TIME, NBC, ABC, INC & 200+ media outlets


“ I have been inspired by the words and works of Nim Stant. Now, in Go All In, Nim shares her remarkable insights and experiences into how you can reach your full potential and take your personal success to the next level. This book is a must-read for anyone committing to positive change in their lives.

-Tamisha Harris, Show Producer MSNBC New York, Former CNN Producer, Founder of Camera Girl Media, and Executive Producer Black Brilliance 360


“ Nim Stant has hit the nail on the head with Go All In- telling you the real actions you need to take to reach your goals. This book will make a huge difference in your life!"

-Jen Gottlieb, Co-founder and Chief Mindset Officer of Super Connector Media